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Farewell to an old friend

A new beginning for Maritime Law Book

In August 2016, Maritime Law Book Ltd. announced that the company would shortly cease operations. However, as existing clients were advised during their most recent billing cycle, the company's operations were sold on November 1, 2016. The original site was expected to be decommissioned on or around December 1st, but managed to hang around a bit longer.

Details of the acquisition and plans to re-launch Maritime Law Book were published on the MLB.NB.CA site as well as in the legal trade press. 

We've worked hard to minimize disruption to existing clients during November as the original MLB team retired and the new team assumed responsibilities. As the existing site and research platform was supported by licenses, equipment and other resources that could not be retained, our focus has been on preparing the replacement platform for release.

The new platform - called Compass by Maritime Law Book - is operational and has been undergoing extensive testing by an invited group from across the country. Over 130 lawyers, law librarians, judicial assistants and other legally-trained people responded to our call to put the new system through its paces. It is nearly ready for prime time, but already more than suitable for supporting your legal research needs.

We regret any inconvenience that the decommissioning of the old platform has caused our existing Maritime Law Book clients. We'd love to work with you to transition to the new platform.

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